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Poetic Slimbook for Nexus 5

Poetic Slimbook for Nexus 5

Poetic Slimbook for Nexus 5The Slimbook from Poetic is a Nexus 5 Folio Case that is draped with a good quality synthetic leather on the exterior, and soft microfiber material on the interior.  It also folds into a stand for your Nexus 5 that allows you to view content and type without having the hold your device out in front of you.  The Slimbook is currently on sale, and Poetic expects to begin shipping out the first units on November 15th, 2013.

This is a wallet-style folio case that your Nexus 5 will kind of snap into.  It provides complete protection all around when closed, and it’s held together by a magnetic clasp.  There is also some light-colored stitching along the sides of the case with a Poetic brand seal added to the bottom corner.

The folio also folds backwards on itself, allowing you to use it as a stand for media consumption.  It supports a single angle which is also good for allowing you to type on, but the phone is really not that big to allow for comfortable two hand typing as you would on a computer or laptop keyboard and some tablets.

If you were to drop your Nexus 5 while in this case, it’s very well protected.  The PU leather does a great job at dampening shock from falls and drops and keeps your entire device covered from end to end and side to side.

Get your Slimbook today while it’s on sale!