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Nexus 5 Ballistic Shell Gel Case

Ballistic SG Shell Gel Cases

Nexus 5 Ballistic Shell Gel CaseBallistic’s SG Shell Gel Case for the Nexus 5 is a very rugged, hybrid case that emphasizes protection at each of the four corners of the device and has a very thick silicone skin to further protect against drops and other impacts.  It’s currently on a very good sale and shipping out now!

The Ballistic SG is a hybrid rugged case which features a thick silicone skin with a polycarbonate shell that goes around it for extra support.  The polycarbonate shell has a textured back which assists in grip and adds a bit of style to the case.  The rubber skin that fits around the Nexus 5 is extremely thick and protrudes out from several different angles.  What’s most noticeable is the extra support added to each corner of the case, which will greatly reduce the amount of screen shatters.

There are cutouts over all of the integral ports and features, and there’s buttons designed into the silicone to accommodate the volume and power buttons.

It’s possible to take the polycarbonate shell off, but it’s recommended you keep it on because it holds the rubber firmly in place and it’s not a very ergonomic case unless that back is intact.

These are currently available in three different colors including White/Black, Pink/Grey, and Black on Black!

nexus5ballisticwhite nexus5ballisticpink


Caseology Blue Leather Nexus 5 Case

Caseology Slim Fit

Caseology Blue Leather Nexus 5 CaseCaseology has created a cool lineup of hybrid TPU cases that are available in several different color/texture combinations including leather and matte finishes.  There’s over 10 options to currently choose from and they’re currently on sale for an excellent price.

These are basically constructed cases that will do an okay job of protecting your Nexus 5 from drops and other minor accidents, and will also look great doing it as well.  Depending on the style, you’ll either get a case with a matte back that assists in grip and gives your case a premium feel.  The leather options are crafted with a synthetic leather that will be able to absorb some shock from falls a little better so the leather options are a bit more rugged.

All of the cases have double layered TPU, so their durability is very good compared to some single layered TPU cases that are usually around the same price too!  Caseology has precision-cut all of the proper cutouts on this case for complete operability as well.  These types of cases are very easy to take off and put back on, so if you ever wanna go commando with your phone it’s not a hassle at all.  You’ll also want to take the case off every now and then to clean out gunk that gets trapped inside anyways.

These are definitely very attractive cases at a very attractive price, and if you’re looking for something minimalistic but still unique, these cases are a good pickup.

They are currently available in many different colors, including white, black, brown, red, blue, pink, and turquoise in varying textures.

Nexus 5 Hyperion Explorer Cases

Hyperion Explorer

Nexus 5 Hyperion Explorer CasesHyperion is the first company to launch a very rugged case for the Nexus 5, and definitely the first such case to have a built-in kickstand.  Their Explorer series is a hybrid solution that comes in a huge variety of colors and is the product of a combination of both polycarbonate and a thick silicone rubber.  These are currently available to order in several different colors!

For the amount of protection that these cases offer, it’s actually very light: weighing in at 1.7 ounces.  It is a little thick however, but that’s to be expected for the amount of protection.  The core of this case is the silicone rubber, which is firm and more than ample strong enough to resist the impact from drops and falls.  Hyperion has also placed extra cushioning points on each of the four corners to further protect your device from screen shatters that typically stem from those areas.

As you would expect, there are cutouts and buttons for all of the Nexus 5 features, so you’ll have complete use of your device without having to take the case apart unless you need to change out the micro SIM.  Curiously, there is a hole on the back of the case, and we can’t for the life of us figure out its meaning.  It does appear to be over the LG logo, but we’re not 100% sure.  There has been no clue as to if it’s a rear microphone, and it’s not the speaker because the stereo speakers are on the bottom of the Nexus 5.

Also on the back is a kickstand, which can hold your Nexus 5 up in the landscape orientation.  It clicks back into place when not in use.  The polycarbonate shell that has the kickstand also has a very, reptilian-like scale texture on the back for both design and increased grip.

Hyperion stands behind their products as well, as evidenced by their 2 year warranty.  They claim it to be a NO HASSLE replacement warranty, and the fact that it’s for two years is a good assurance that you’ll have a functioning case throughout the entire lifespan of your device if you get your new Nexus device at least every other product cycle.

Go check out these cases and see all the colors available today!

Nexus 5 Hyperion Explorer Cases

SPIGEN Nexus 5 Ultra Fit Hard Case (Champagne)

SPIGEN Ultra Fit Matte Hard Cases

SPIGEN Nexus 5 Ultra Fit Hard Case (Champagne)

Sometimes you might not be interested in a very rugged case and just want something as light and thin as possible.  SPIGEN’s Ultra Fit Hard Cases are now available for the Nexus 5 in 3 different colors which include a Champagne Gold (pictured above), Black, and White.  They’re priced pretty well and will do a great job of preventing your Nexus 5 from getting scratched and beat up.

These are very, very basic cases which aren’t rugged by any means, but are still good for casual protection.  These cases are more of a way to protect your Nexus from getting scratched while in your pocket or purse, but don’t have much in the way of impact protection from drops and tumbles.  The cases are beautifully colored, however, and SPIGEN is notorious for the excellent paint jobs on most of their cases.  Since the launch of the iPhone 5s, the new Champagne Gold color has been a hot color and SPIGEN is beginning to apply the color on most of its products.

SPIGEN Nexus 5 Ultra Fit Hard Case (White)

To set these hard cases apart from some of the competition, SPIGEN has done a little extra with theirs.  For starters, they coat them with urethane which protects it from discoloration from wear and UV exposure.  The urethane also has a matte finish to it that gives the case more of a premium feel and also helps with your grip when in use.

There’s no buttons designed into this case, rather SPIGEN has opted for cutouts which is par for the course on other cases in this category.  SPIGEN has made cutouts for the stereo speakers though, which is something new with this year’s version of the Nexus handset.

If you want something basic, light, and allow you to use most of your dock accessories, this is a good case.  Dropping your Nexus 5 while in this case may result in something being damaged though, so keep that in mind before making your final decision.

If you like what you see though, pick yours out today!

SPIGEN Nexus 5 Ultra Fit Hard Case (Black)

i-Blason CandyGel Nexus 5 Cases

i-Blason CandyGel Hybrid Cases

i-Blason CandyGel Nexus 5 Casesi-Blason sells a boatload of low-priced cases for a number of smartphones and tablets.  They have just taken the wraps off their CandyGel Hybrid cases, which combines a TPU bumper and a hard clear back into a single protective solution.  i-Blason currently has the CandyGel cases for the Nexus 5 available in four different colors of TPU which include Black, White, Blue, and Pink, and they expect to begin shipping out the first orders on October 30th, 2013.

Hybrid bumpers are becoming the rage as manufacturers try to capitalize on their success.  What makes these bumpers attractive is they allow most of the design philosophy of the device they protect, in this case the Nexus 5, to come through.  The only things obscured is the sides of the device, but the rear and front of the device remain visible.  With the hybrid bumpers, however, the rear is actually protected by a transparent piece of polycarbonate which is part of the whole case itself.

Along the TPU portion of the bumper, which is textured with an anti-slip surface, there are buttons and cutouts for ports.  The TPU is great for absorbing the shock from falls as well, and keeps all four corners of your Nexus protected.  The TPU is thick enough to absorb most shock, which is great for drop protection.  The front and rear lips of the bumper also protrude outwards, allowing you to place your phone face down on a flat surface without it making direct contact, which is not out of the ordinary for these types of cases.

i-Blason also offers a One Year Warranty with this case, which is pretty good.  Some companies only do 30, 60, or 90 day warranties, but some other companies do 3 year warranties, so a year is a little above average.  For the price, it’s a pretty good warranty too.

You can order your CandyGel cases today, and i-Blason will begin shipping them out by the end of October!

i-Blason CandyGel Nexus 5 Cases i-Blason CandyGel Nexus 5 Cases i-Blason CandyGel Nexus 5 Cases

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Clear)

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Smoke)

Cruzerlite makes many of the popular Android-themed TPU cases for several Android devices, and they’re launching their Bugdroid Circuit cases for the Nexus 5 later this month in eleven different colors.  Among the huge palette of colors is Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Smoke, White, and Teal, and they’re all available to order now and should begin shipping out on October 20th, 2013.  For a limited time, these cases are also Buy Two Get One Free with code BUY2GONE at checkout!

TPU stands for thermopolyurethane, which is a new kind of gel case that’s much better than the gel cases of old.  With the old style of silicone gel cases, the material would be soft and become a lint and dirt magnet and get dirty very quickly.  It was also very hard to slide out of a tight pocket because of the friction it would create.  Also, it’d become loose and floppy after a few months of use.  With this new material, that is all no longer the case.

The Bugdroid Circuit case is malleable enough to easy slip onto your Nexus 5, and firm enough to not come off accidentally.  Some of the colors are translucent as well, allowing the Nexus logo to beam through in some circumstances.  The case is extremely light and has cutouts over all of the ports and buttons, which is to be expected nowadays on most cases.

This case definitely protects from scuffs and scratches, and it has a limited drop protection ability as well.  TPU is great for shock dampening, so if you do drop your Nexus 5 while in this case it’ll probably bounce a time or two and be okay.  If the surface is not completely flat, however, your screen may get scraped so keep that in mind.  The front lip does protrude out slightly like most other cases do, allowing you to place your phone face down.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Clear)The case feels very smooth as well, which is a signature attribute of the TPU material.  It should last as long as you keep your Nexus 5 while also preserving the resale value of your device since it protects from scratches.  We do, however, recommend removing your phone from the case once a week or so to clean dirt and fine debris that may get trapped between the case and your phone.  If you let that gunk sit in there for too long, bacteria can grow and it can even leave very fine scratches on your phone’s housing from being rubbed in by the case during everyday use.

Pick out your colors today, and remember about the Buy Two Get One Free Code! (BUY2GONE)Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Black)Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Blue) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Clear) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Green) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Orange) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Pink) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Purple) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Red) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Smoke) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (White) Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Nexus 5 Case (Teal)


SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Cases

SUPCASE Premium Hybrid Cases

SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Case in Gray/ClearSUPCASE has released its initial details revolving around the release of their new lineup of premium hybrid cases for the Nexus 5 called Unicorn Beetle.  Yes, Unicorn Beetle.  They’re currently available for pre-order in 6 different color options which feature Black on Black, Red on Black, Gray on Clear, Gray on White, and Yellow on Gray.  These are good quality cases that combine TPU and polycarbonate into a single piece of case that protect against casual accidents.

This particular hybrid case is of the fused variety, meaning the polycarbonate and TPU are permanently fixed to one another.  Each material has its own duty when protecting your Nexus 5, and it works out pretty well.  Along the sides of the case is the TPU which gives the case shock-dampening properties.  This is what protects your phone from cracking or getting severely damaged because of an accident such as a drop, slip, or even a light throw in some cases.  The rear polycarbonate helps keep the case rigid and serves as a foundation for the case as a whole while also protecting the soft rear of the Nexus 5 from getting scraped and scuffed up.

Along the sides, there’s also openings and cutouts for ports and buttons so that your Nexus is completely usable while in the case.  The rear also has ample room for your camera and flash to shine through without washout.

SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Case in RedThe Unicorn Beetle is a very nice-looking case that has a sporty look and does an admirable job of protection.  While not completely rugged, it should fare much better than a strictly polycarbonate case or even a completely TPU case.  It also adds minimum bulk and heft to your device.  The TPU around the edges also create a pretty good grip since the Nexus 5 itself is pretty thin.  If you go with a transparent color option, you’ll also be able to see and proudly show off the horizontal Nexus logo.

Like most other cases currently available for pre-order, SUPCASE is currently running a promotion where the cases are deeply discounted until they ship out.  SUPCASE currently expects to begin shipping out the first units on November 5th, 2013.

To ensure you get your case in as soon as possible and around the time you get your Nexus 5, get your order in pronto!

SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Cases SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Case in Black/Clear SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Case in Gray/White SUPCASE Nexus 5 Hybrid Case in Yellow/Gray

Ringke SLIM Case for Nexus 5 in White

Ringke LF SLIM

Ringke SLIM Case for Nexus 5 in BlackThe Ringke SLIM is the thinnest, lightest offering from the company, and has been made available for the Nexus 5 in Black and White.  During the introductory period, it’s seeing a pretty good sale and is heavily discounted compared to its MSRP.  You can currently order it now and it will ship out to you soon.

The construction of this case consists of a single piece of molded polycarbonate, designed to perfectly fit the Nexus 5.  It has a little bit of give in it, which allows it to slightly flex around your smartphone and hold itself securely.  It’s easy to take back off, but there’s no reason it should come off on its own.  Ringke has cut out openings over all the integral parts of the Nexus 5, including the volume rocker and power button, as well as the rear camera and LED flash bulb.

Ringke has also taken it a few steps further with their case compared with comparable thin, hard cases.  They’ve coated it with their patented Premium LF coating which gives it a really nice, easy-to-grip texture.  The LF stands for Light Feeling.  This, of course, prevents the device from accidentally slipping from your grasp while in use.  Next, they also coated it with their new Enhance dual coating, which adds up to 2x longer-lasting durability.  This protects against wear caused from stress and ultraviolet from the sun which is known to ruin a lot of lower-quality cases.

Ringke SLIM Case for Nexus 5 in White

In terms of protection, the case has no method of shock absorption seeing as it’s all thin polycarbonate.  While the corners of your device are protected, most of the force from drops is going to be transferred straight through to your Nexus 5 with little in the way of lowering it.  It protects better than no case in that regard, but it’s still a little likely your phone may get damaged.  The case is very good at protecting the rear and sides of your devices from scratches from putting it in your pockets or purse, however.

In terms of bulk and size, this is one of the thinnest and lightest, and the only way to go beyond those measurables is an invisibleSHIELD.  If you’re not worried about dropping your Nexus because you have excellent motor function and coordination, this is a great case, but keep in mind it’s not meant to be super rugged.

Order one in White or Black here while they’re on sale!